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Netplus Training Programs are Video training programs created to help you develop your online marketing skills. Interested in growing your digital skills more widely? Discover more Digital Skills courses from Netplus Training.

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All our training programs will help you gain insight into various aspects of online business with demonstrations of every concept, tips and solutions. You get access to the project files used.

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All training videos are easy to follow and created so you can learn at your own pace. Youu2019re able to learn at the time of day that most suits you and you can design your own learning experience at your own pace.

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Learn How to Create Minimal and Elegant Logo Animations with Adobe After Effects with Our In-Depth Video Training and Examples for Everyone.. You will Learn How to Animate Almost Any Icon or Logotype, Morph it to Everything and Tell Short Fun Stories...
Whiteboard Animation Training is the best training package for students who want to learn how to create whiteboard animation. You learn how to animate SVG images and create a story using free resources you will be given in this course..
Video Editing and Promo Fast Track is the perfect training program for beginners who want to learn how to create amazing videos from raw footage for films, YouTube or any video projects. Learn how to edit videos from beginner to advanced stage with practical lessons and tools.
Logo Design Training is the perfect training program for beginners who want to learn how to design logo or vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator. We cover how to design and earn good money from designing different types of logos starting from scratch. Get all tools and support in our members' area.
Graphic Design Fast Track is the perfect training program for beginners who want to learn how to design graphics like Banners, Ebook cover, Business card etc.. You learn how to design and make money from your designs.
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Netplus Training is offering everyone who joins our training programs the best best online training you can ever get, so that you can experience the full benefits of benefiting from working and learning from home. This means that you get:

Learn from Industry Expert Our programs are created by an industry expert who has trained thousands of students. Pick up any course and you are assured of the best training with nothing left out.

Needed Tools We know how expensive internet marketing tools can be, so we provide access to the tools you need to execute your task during your training. You get access to some premium tools at no cost..

Members Area The best way to learn is to join a community of similar minded people. We have members area for each program. You get added to the right members' area to continue discussions and get help when needed..

Unlimited Access to this Course You have continuous access to the program you choose and you have complete access to the group files, tools and videos at any time.

In depth Training Videos Each of the video in every program are well presented, created and packaged in folders in a way that its easy to follow and understand. Every single topic is presented in clear detail..

Continous Support We give continous support to every student of our programs which means we are always available one on one for any student who needs help. Join us today and get help when you need it..
Join over 2,000 students who have already benefited from our different training programs. You start learning right away. Check out some testimonials from some of our students.
Ukemeobong Raymond - Nigeria
Internet Marketer, DPTECHNOLOGIES
Your courses help me earn my first millions online. I have tried everything before i decided to invest in your package, from there, i began to study and applied all your methods in the training videos and BOOM...i started earning some cool cash... Your courses are dope as it goes straight to the point....no beating around the bush. In terms of support and assistance, i rate you 1000001%... You are really a mentor. Thank you for your care and support, as i will recommend you to my friends as well.
Your graphics designing training are amazing, so easy to learn, you make everything simple and you explained the whole thing in detailed. You even gave us a lot of very useful bonuses . Am glad to tell you that I have put all I learnt from your training into good use, am now doing very very well in my various freelancing businesses. All your tutorials I have bought have been more than helpful.
Precious ObiFreelancer / Internet Marketer
You are a great trainer, your Fiverr Wealth System was an eye opener and game changer for me. Seriously I really do appreciate your coaching it's always on point and results guaranteed. Thanks once again for having the heart of a giver..
Snow PrinceInternet Marketer
I bought Whiteboard animation video training and the turn around was massive. One thing I love about Abiola;s training is the way he teaches which is very comprehensive and detailed. I learn to create whiteboard animation in 2 weeks after I bought the course and currently on his graphic design course. This guy is a genius more than a teacher is a mentor he impact knowledge in people. I will buy any course created by Abiola any day anytime..
Ekow Wealth OlaInternet Marketer / Graphic Designer
Mr Abiola Boluwaji Oluwasanmi has been a fantastic mentor to me. His courses are always professional and topnotch. I have bought alot of his courses and I have never been disappointed. When he creates a new course, I simply just buy, because he always delivers every single time. Thanks Boss.
Sokwo Zrimi AkpogumaInternet Marketer
All our training programs will help you gain insight into various aspects of online businesses. After you complete any course, you'll have the requisite skills and confidence to go forth and create your own online business. Click on any product to order and get the right training, support and tools you need.
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